Trish Morris

Trish Morris

President | Founder | CEO

From the beginning, the leader who has been at the helm of Courageous Faces Foundation is Trish Morris, President and CEO. She maintains the direction and vision of the only foundation of its kind that provides comprehensive, continuing, and personalized care for people with rare and severe medical conditions to enhance their quality of life.


Trish has had more than a decade of compassionate caring for people with differences. Before launching Courageous Faces Foundation, Trish became the Director of Programs at the Global Downs Syndrome Foundation in 2011 after two years of volunteering there. She initiated the development and operations of a host of programs, including Dare to Play Football and Denver Broncos Cheerleaders, Dare to Cheer, the Be Beautiful Be Yourself Dance Class with the Colorado Ballet, and the Dare to Play Soccer Camp with the Colorado Rapids and Regis University. She also launched Be beautiful Be Yourself Fitness program with Pure Barre and the foundation’s World Down Syndrome Day Celebration at Children’s Hospital of Colorado.

She has also championed better futures for people who are differently abled, coordinating hundreds of athletes with unique needs on the Rocky Mountain Special Olympics Team, and she’s served on multiple boards and committees with similar vision.


As a bonus, Trish also brings a savvy and strategic sense of financial management to the Foundation so donors can be assured their dollars are being allocated in the most carefully planned and cost-effective ways. Prior to embarking on her philanthropic journey, she served as Associate Vice President and Portfolio Manager at Wells Fargo Advisors. In 2010, Trish retired from the position to fully embrace her passion for helping people who have unique medical conditions to not just survive but thrive.

She is married to Rick and they share their home with their dogs who are adoring enough to let them continue living there.

Dee Nichols

Dee Nichols

Administrative Director

Not only was Dee Nichols born in Alaska, she was crowned “Little Miss Alaska” when the territory became a state in 1959. Shortly after, she and her parents moved to Colorado where, as an adult, she began focusing on her passion of supporting people with unique differences through various foundations and charities.

Her impactful “track record” began as a proud mother who raised three kids as a single parent, guiding her children to excel in both academics and athletics. All three were varsity athletes in high school, with one of her daughters becoming a two-time state champion and All-American pole vaulter. Now, when not at work, she showers her love and support on two beautiful granddaughters.

For twenty of her years, Dee has made it her passion to search for ways to make people better, stronger, healthier, and more fulfilled, first through improved nutrition followed by pragmatic self-care.

Ever since her first encounter with the Courageous Faces Foundation, Dee has dedicated her talents and time to enhancing the quality of life for those living with chronic and rare health conditions. In many ways, she has become the “glue” that keeps the mission of the Foundation clearly focused, pulling all the separate parts together with dedication, detail, direction, and passion.

Barbara Richie

Barbara Ritchie

Outreach Director

If you’ve ever had to guide and referee between kids, parents, teachers, state and federal standards, special needs, and changing academic programs, you’ll get a snapshot of Barb’s background. For 36-years she navigated a career supporting individuals of all ages and abilities needing special education in a large local school district before coming to Courageous Faces Foundation.

She’s tackled some of the most complex situations, problem solving for individuals, families and teams to provide the best solutions available.  She advocates for equal access and active participation for all to enhance their quality of life so everyone can feel proud of themselves and thrive as contributing members of their communities.

Barb comes to Colorado via Missouri and Kansas and says she’s fortunate to call Colorado her home where her two children have grown up. She says she’s continually inspired by them.  She relishes spending time with family and friends and enjoys the great outdoors while exploring new places to hike, bike, snowshoe, and more.

Barb says she considers it an honor to be a part of the Courageous Faces team and looks forward to creating new opportunities for the “Inspirational Faces” the foundation supports.  Her energy is contagious as she looks forward to sharing the Courageous Faces story with everyone she meets.

Neal Browne

Neal Browne

Media Director

Maybe his playing in an accordion band as a kid, going on a medical work mission to Bolivia for a summer, and working in high school as a night janitor in a steel plant foreshadowed the variety of life Neal was about to take on. In college, He began a broadcasting stint which spanned into a nearly 30-year career in radio and TV broadcast news both in front of and behind the camera.

Neal is the most recent member to join the Courageous Faces Foundation team as Media Director. “Striving to tell captivating stories” is what he says is his main goal, “to make people aware of both what’s being done for the “Inspirational Faces,” the “Champions” of the Foundation, as well as how our inspired donors are impacting our Faces so they can thrive.”

During his tenure in news, along with the day-to-day duties, he anchored a two-year long feature called “America Today,” broadcast on both PBS in America and Armed Forces Radio and Television in Europe. He won two regional Emmys for live reporting, one for breaking the story nationally of Gary Hart leaving the Presidential race in the late 1980s.

He lives in the Denver area, often emcees a variety of events, has four stepchildren, and three grandchildren, and enjoys anything outdoors in Colorado, as well as scuba diving when not landlocked.

Terri Hinkle

Terri Hinkle

Charitable Giving Volunteer

Terri was a Denver Broncos cheerleader in earlier days, her family claims a distant connection with singer Enya, and she has sung in various choirs for 30-years, as well as spending more than three decades teaching kids with special needs to read more proficiently.

Now Terri Hinkle directs her multiple talents part time to the Courageous Faces Foundation wherever the current need arises. She says she’s hooked by founder, President and CEO Trish Morris’ vision of serving others with significant needs, and like most teachers, loves to see the transformations that happen as a result.

As a former facilitator of Weight Watchers, she continues to mentor people to better health, and also leads a bible study for women at her church. She is committed to two different book clubs, but also finds time to get outside for gardening, shopping, and hiking in the Colorado high country.

After raising two daughters (now adults) she currently invests much of her life with her three grandchildren, relishing the time she can spend with them several days a week.

She says she feels blessed to be a contributing part to such a vital quality-of-life organization, adding, “If I could spend every day at Courageous Faces, I would.”

DeDe Sherman

DeDe Sherman

Support Services Volunteer

Elaine “DeDe” Sherman has called Colorado home since 1973 after growing up in Missouri. She got into business early as the VP and co-owner of her husband’s company, overseeing the administration, management, and coordination of the industrial manufacturing of sewing products shipped all over the world.

Through much of her life, she’s been an unstoppable world traveler. Shortly after the death of her husband in 1998, DeDe went into the financial services world where she spent the next 19-years. Combining her financial experience with administration skills led her to run for Mayor of the small Colorado town of Foxfield where she garnered 80% of the popular vote, serving a six-year term.

She fulfilled another of her other burning ambitions by taking flying lessons and completed the training by soloing in a private plane as well.

Finally, DeDe “retired,” sort of. With earlier connections to Courageous Faces Foundation, she just couldn’t let her skills lay idle, so she bundled her talents and joined the CFF team to coordinate data, and donor information to help keep those vital elements organized and running smoothly and productively.

Erin McDowell

Erin McDowell

Health & Wellness Volunteer, Medical Consultant

When it comes to taking care of people, Erin McDowell has done it all—Registered Nurse, with experience in ER, Intensive Care, and Acute care. She’s also served as a flight nurse, along with earning her master’s in nursing science as well.

But from her mid-teen years, her passion has been reaching out to the underserved, emphasized by her running a volunteer medical clinic in Littleton, CO that serves everyone from babies to seniors on a weekly basis.

She’s lent her experience and insight around the world as well, caring for patients in Cambodia who needed heart surgeries, having made that annual trip several times. Next, she plans to target Rwanda, Haiti, and St. Vincent for those who have limited access to even basic medical care.

Her expertise and perspective have been critical to several Faces of the Foundation as she’s assisted with medical assessments to better help the Foundation meet their fundamental needs and connect with the best specialists in the medical field.