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Meet Sammi.

Sammi is a beautiful young girl who is admired by all who meet her and constantly inspires her family with her with her strength. She knows what it feels like to be stared at and spoken to differently. In turn she protects those who are made fun of, befriends the friendless, and has learned to embrace being different!

Sammi was born with Choroid Plexus Papilloma, a rare brain tumor which affected her ability to learn, walk, eat, run and jump. Throughout her entire life what she has achieved with the use of only one hand is a marvel. She can cook, brush her hair and tie her shoes, a feat most of us wouldn’t even attempt one handed! Sammi has endured six surgeries, exhaustive therapies, and many painful procedures. A hero through it all, she always tells her little sister that everything will be alright. With a smile for her mother before going into surgery, she will take a deep breath and say “let’s do this!” as she is always ready for the next battle.

She sees her obstacles, but always chooses to focus on the positive and remember the good things. Sammi is one of four kids, loves her family, cooking, singing, dancing, and going on vacation!

We are so honored to welcome Sammi and her family to the Courageous Faces Foundation.

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