Miss Colorado Princesses 2018 – Testimonials

“My favorite moment was meeting the contestant I was paired with and getting to know her. I also love going on stage in front of everyone and it makes me feel special.”

“My daughter loved the part when she was taking the individual photos.”

“They were so excited to join this group! Thank you!”

“It was wonderful how welcoming everyone was. This was our first year and so much fun!”

“I love to get dressed up and walk on stage with the Miss Colorado ladies. I felt like I was definitely a princess!”

“My girls has been a special Princess for several year she looks forward to this day. I think its great that they can have there special day and be a special princess. wearing a crown is so cool and the get to have there day in light. Love this program and all the staff that puts it together. Trish Morris is amazing person with a big heart.”

“What a special night for all!! My daughter LOVED getting dressed up and feeling and looking like a real princess! She loved wearing the tiara too. Walking across the stage, seeing all the people in attendance and hearing all the applause really topped off the evening for her. She had the princess wave down. We stayed until intermission. Seeing the expression on her face as each contestant performed or answered the questions made me smile. At the end of the night she was very happy she was able to be a part of this event. She wore her T-shirt to her brother’s track meet the next day and told everyone all about her night as a princess. I am grateful to Courageous Faces for allowing our children to show others that we may look different, speak different and do things different but inside we are just like everyone else and want to be treated just like everyone else. I believe that night proved this to many in the audience.”

“The explanation of the program and introduction given by the emcee was very genuine and impactful. He made comments throughout the introductions that conveyed this was personal to him and always brings him a lot of joy. He so well communicated how special each one of these kids are and as a parent, that always feels good when you hear it expressed by others. His feelings set the tone for an applause filled auditorium for each and every kid which was really special. Watching Elizabeth get carried by one of the contestants (she is almost 60 lbs) on stage – no idea how that happened but, wow, that woman must be strong! “