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1st Annual Just Ask Institute Workshop
Denver, CO December 2017
Just Ask Workshop

The First Annual Just Ask Institute Workshop was held in Denver, Colorado from December 27 – 31, 2017. Courageous Faces Foundation and Effective Presentations joined together to present an amazing 3 day workshop to all those in attendance. Our Faces of the Foundation learned incredible insights on how to be effective speakers including the importance of first impressions, gestures, voice quality, audience involvement, using humor and telling effective stories. The weekend was jam packed with information as well as time for socializing, shopping, dinners and even karaoke. A truly wonderful time was had by all with connections and knowledge gained that will last a lifetime.

The Just Ask Institute Speakers are now even more equipped to elevate and inspire others to rise above their circumstances, maximize their own potential, gifts and talents while building awareness about those who live with a rare or extreme medical condition.

For information about scheduling one of our Just Ask Speakers please send your request to justaskinstitute@courageousfacesfoundation.org.

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