All the amazing events of the weekend helped gear everyone up for our Grand Finale, the Inaugural Superheroes Gala. With the Grand Ballroom transformed into Gotham City, the Faces of the Foundation and families, special guests, staff and friends came together to meet, mingle, dance, sing and celebrate life.

Our fabulous Faces had the opportunity to introduce themselves to the audience. For many guests, it was their first exposure to the Foundation and those we serve. Our generous donors heard firsthand how their gifts directly help transform the quality of life for these amazing people.

Next up was the first Courageous Faces Foundation Awards ceremony, presented by President/CEO Trish Morris and Board Vice President Jeff Carter. The Courageous Spirit Award went to Reggie Bibbs, May 2015 Face of the Foundation, in recognition of his incredible impact on helping teach the world about compassion and acceptance for people who look different. The World Humanitarian Award was given to Alan Rouleau of Alan Rouleau Couture and the Custom Tailors & Designers Association (CTDA). Alan is a Boston based high end tailor and designer who, along with the CTDA provided Reggie with an elegant new custom wardrobe. You can follow Reggie and Alan’s journey together on the Courageous Faces Foundation website.

After the conclusion of the Gala program, it was time to party! All Faces of the Foundation were outfitted with glittering gold SuperHero capes to join the incredible World Classic Rockers onstage singing “Sweet Home Alabama”. It was a raucous, awe-inspiring performance. The Rockers closed out the Gala with a powerhouse performance of hit after hit by Steppenwolf, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Boston, Journey, and Santana. The beautiful & inspiring Gala came to an end with everyone feeling the uplifting evening had changed their life.

Strong connections and friendships were made; many had treasured experiences they never dreamed of. People were brought together from many walks of life to celebrate their uniqueness and common humanity. This is the magic of The Courageous Faces Foundation.

Boston SuperHeroes Gala

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