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September 2015

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Meet Alison

Alison was born in San Mateo California on March 16th 1985. She was adopted by the Midstokke family when she was 6 weeks old. They eventually moved to North Idaho to a small town called Sandpoint. Alison was raised and lived there for about 19 years. When she was 16, she chose fashion design and modeling and threw herself into studying and trying out everything to do with fashion: sewing classes, art classes, modeling, internet and book research. After winning her GED, she enrolled in the Art Institute of California-San Francisco, where she received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2008 and was nominated for best portfolio.

Alison, who was born with Treacher Collins Syndrome, has had to overcome severe challenges. She is hearing-impaired, and had to have dozens of surgeries in her childhood. She did not speak until she was five, even though the doctors predicted that she would never speak. She finished her GED while undergoing difficult surgery eight hours from home. Alison has always studied hard and it is impossible to stop her from doing what she loves. If she stumbles, she always finds a way to get up with a smile on her face. She is a strong and competitive woman who is moving forward.

She found her birth father when she was 18 years old, and learned that he was a fashion model and his mother had a career in the fashion industry in New York City. This made her wonder about how much of a person’s talent is genetic. She hasn’t found her birth mother. Her second grandfather is John T. Doyle who was a pioneer and law tycoon that helped build San Francisco. She is also related to Theodore Vinther who was a war hero in WWII in the Philippines. She is still investigating her family tree.

She traveled alone to Germany and Italy when she was 16 years old. She would love to travel the world again and again. She would love to go to MADRID since her biological great grandparents are from there.

Alison did theater work as a child, mostly playing funny characters that would make people laugh. She was in a film called “THE LAST GAME” with Joey Travolta. She is currently attending to castings for roles.

Her favorite quote is “Tell me I can’t do it because I know I can!” and “Beauty is different and different is beauty.” She is a spiritual person who is tolerant of the beliefs of others. She sees the world in a different perspective, that some people might not understand. She knows basic American sign language.

She has written a powerful speech called, ”Beauty is different and different is Beauty.” The video can be found on You Tube that has inspired many. Her overall mission is to become successful so she can be a role model for others who are dealing with their differences and their self-esteems. “I want to inspire, lead and open doors for those children to let them know that they are capable and can do anything they desire.” –Alison M.

Alison is now living in New York pursuing her career as a businesswoman, parts-model and advocate for people with disabilities. She was a Costume Designer’s Assistant for Six Word Productions, and has done work for That’s My Father’s Productions as a Design Director. She was also a stylist and a Raffles Coordinator for Bottomless Closet. She has styled R & B singer KISSK and has worked with famous photographers & artists such as Rick Guidotti & Bernard Solco.

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I had a wonderful experience modeling for Fashion Week with Designer Greg Taylor, and Special People Special Needs Foundation! It was such a hectic day and met some great people. I am blessed that i had this opportunity to help a foundation to move forward to inspire other people that being different is ok and that you can be successful! I have to say that ROXY & TRISH were absolutely Rock-STARS! They truly care about this foundation and making a difference in other people's lives including with those who have special needs! Thank you ladies, we wouldn't have done it without you!!! Much love! Alison Midstokke


Happened across your bio and mention of Theodore Vinther, a World War 2 hero. He had a brother, Robert Vinther, and two sisters, who all lived in the SF Bay Area. (All are now deceased.) Robert Vinther was the father of my ex-husband.



This is very cool! I am honored and excited about this opportunity. 🙂 Kind Regards, Alison Midstokke


Welcome to Special People Special Needs Foundation. We are honored to have you as one of our Faces of the Foundation and representing us in NYFW.


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