About the Foundation

The Foundation received 501 (c)(3) status in August 2014. The Foundation’s belief is that all people are people first and foremost, and some just happen to have intellectual or physical disabilities, differences or special needs, due to genetics, injuries, traumatic events, illness or other causes.

The purpose of the Foundation is to help bring awareness and education to the general public about seeing everyone as a person first and to celebrate their gifts and attributes.

The Foundation is creating awareness by working to change the public’s perceptions and attitudes. We are promoting fair treatment and equal opportunities through ads, tv, main stream social media, short powerful PSA’s, video clips, events and programs that empower those individuals who are viewed to be different. Programs will enrich the lives of those individuals and their families

Our hope is to bring the many different Disability and Special Needs Organizations along with their communities together as one powerful voice and by the sharing of tools, events, outreach, news regarding government legislation, and medical research. Together we will share inspirational stories of people who have changed the face of disabilities or contributed to the positive advancement of seeing everyone as a person first.

Initial foundation funding was graciously provided by Bill & Roxy Doogan.

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Mission Statement
Achieve our vision of creating a world where everyone is seen as a person first and to enrich and empower the lives of each individual by celebrating their uniqueness.

Vision Statement
Creating a world where everyone, regardless of physical or intellectual differences is seen as a person first.